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For the past fifteen years Hercules Carparking Systems has been providing space-efficient vehicle storage for both residential and commercial applications.   We design, import, install and service Dependent and Independent Systems, as well as Car Lifts and Turntables - bespoke design, local engineering with aftermarket service support nationally.

Hercules Carparking Systems specializes in customised solutions for every conceivable parking requirement.  We have 52 different systems to choose from to design your ultimate car parking solution. 

Most car stacking companies provide equipment from one supplier. Hercules has spent many years developing solid relationships with more than ten high quality manufacturers around the world, based in Europe, Asia and the USA. As a result, we can source the best and most appropriate product for your project. As our customer, you are not restricted to one product or a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We can find a solution for every building footprint and every budget. The technology we can therefore provide is in many cases ground-breaking, state-of-the-art, highly innovative and beyond what any of our competitors are able to accomplish as sole manufacturers. 

Our team of fully qualified engineers are based here in Australia, can attend meetings with your engineers and offer first hand advice. We can design a car parking solution to meet your unique requirements, right here, working directly with your team.

We are uniquely an Australian owned and based carparking company, fully committed to the Australian market and not subject to the potential changes and whims of an overseas parent company. We are proud of the growth we have worked hard to achieve over the past 15 years and, with every year, we continue to solidify our reputation for customised design, technical innovation and leading customer service.

Extensive amounts of time and effort is spent by our designers, engineers and manufacturers refining your system, both in design and functionality. Each parking configuration is studied and investigated in the greatest detail to achieve the most cost-effective, user-friendly system possible with optimal parking density

Our unique ability to customise, the expertise we can provide in all areas of the process, combined with our exclusive product range, experienced installation teams and above and beyond service and maintenance commitment – together guarantees satisfied customers all round.



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